RS® by SRFC Bio, Inc.: Disinfection. Reinvented.

Experience how RS® sanitizing spray outperforms traditional cleaning products and disinfectants.



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Setting the Gold Standard with RS®

Our mission isn’t just cleanliness — it’s excellence. We’re not here to match industry standards; we’re here to elevate them.

With RS®, we’re redefining boundaries and setting new benchmarks in sanitization. Dive into our infographic and see how RS® revolutionizes the world of disinfectants.

Want to know what sets RS® apart in detail? Download our RS® Benefits Infographic for an in-depth comparison and realize the future of cleanliness. 


Comparing Benefits: RS® vs. Traditional Solutions

  • Savings Like Never Before
    When cost-effectiveness matters, RS® shines the brightest. See how switching to RS® can net you significant savings against standard cleaning procedures.

  • Lightning Speed Sanitization
    Time is of the essence. In a world where threats like COVID loom large, RS® acts swiftly, ensuring sanitization against bacteria and viruses. That’s efficiency traditional disinfectants can’t match.

  • Unyielding 24/7 Defense
    Where the effects of most disinfectants wane with time, RS® is a fortress. Learn about its persistent antimicrobial technology that guarantees surface protection.

  • Globally Endorsed, Universally Trusted
    In the vast sea of cleaning products, RS® holds its distinct spot. As one of the elite residual sanitizers with EPA approval, its global standing speaks for its unmatched quality.

  • Odor Control Redefined
    Say goodbye to fleeting freshness. While most products mask odors, RS® sanitizing spray eradicates odor-causing bacteria and keeps them at bay for days on end.

It’s not enough to just wipe germs away. With RS® and our superior antimicrobial technology, we can defend surfaces everywhere, for everyone, all the time.

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